Corporate Sustainability

As one of North America’s largest auto collision and glass repair companies, the Boyd Group remains focused on corporate social responsibility. That includes serving as a sustainable organization which is transparent when it comes to doing the right thing in the community.

Boyd Group strives to make a difference in the environment as well as socially. Continuous improvement is part of our culture. When our communities prosper, we all benefit. Here are some of the many ways the Boyd Group leads the way in that effort.

The Boyd ESG Value Chain


  • Using waterborne paint, which lessens volatile organic compound emissions
  • Using recycled automotive parts for vehicle repairs
  • Recycling of mixed materials
  • Performing environmental site testing for locations we plan to occupy
  • Testing facility air and waste water samples at our locations
  • Implementing environmental emergency response plans for our facilities


  • Following our defined repair process, the Wow Operating Way, and adhering to our Quality Assurance processes to ensure that vehicles are repaired to high standards in terms of quality and safety
  • Auditing our facilities regularly for compliance with safety standards
  • Valuing the diversity of our employees and providing equal opportunity in all aspects of employment
  • Offering new employee orientation events, technician forums and feedback sessions to promote retention
  • Providing training and clinics to develop employees
  • Giving back through charitable donations and encouraging employees to volunteer their support in our communities
  • Marketing our services responsibly by only publicizing information that we can support

Access to supporting social policies:

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Anti-Corruption Policy and Procedures

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Reporting and Anti-Retaliation Policy

Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy

Diversity Policy

Human Rights Statement


  • Having a majority independent board with all committees of the board being fully independent, thereby enhancing overall governance
  • Establishing corporate policies which enable employees to work toward company objectives in a way that is consistent with the values of the organization
  • Adopting a corporate code of business conduct and ethics
  • Implementing whistle-blower procedures

Access to supporting governance materials:

Articles of Incorporation Boyd Group Services Inc.

Articles of Amendment

Certificate of Arrangement and Articles of Arrangement

By-Law No. 1 and 2 of BGSI

Board Mandate Charter

Audit Committee Charter

Governance & Sustainability Committee Charter

People, Culture and Compensation Committee Charter

Position descriptions for the chair and the lead director

Majority Voting Policy

Board Composition, Diversity and Renewal Policy

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